Cyberpower PC Hyper Liquid X139 Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅31-03-23
Value for Money

The ‘value’ of a pre-built system is a subjective judgement at the best of times, but that’s even more the case for those with bespoke aspects that take a straightforward configuration to the next level. We can tally up the cost of components, compare it with the list price, and draw a conclusion based on that arithmetic alone; that sort of approach isn’t without merit, but almost by necessity ignores the assembly skill of the engineer as well as delivery and warranty servicing costs. Nonetheless, we’ve attempted a broad breakdown here.

Approx. UK Component Retail Price (inc. V.A.T., various etailers):

GPU:- £1910
CPU:- £690
Motherboard:- £320
RAM:- £155
Case:- £240
PSU:- £170
Storage:- £160

Total:- £3645

So, if you can reasonably expect to source and assemble a total dual-loop water cooling solution for less than £1350, then this might not be the build for you. However, let’s get a ballpark figure for those cooling components:

EK Z790 CPU Waterblock - £97
EK RTX 4090 Waterblock - £300
Two EK 80mm D5 Pump/80mm Rez Combo - £282
Two 360mm Corsair Radiators (Slim) - £140
Two EK-Quantum Flow Indicators - £55
Twelve EK-Quantum Torque HDC 16mm Fittings - £73.92
Fifteen EK-Quantum Torque Rotary 90-degree Adapter - £118.8
Four EK-AF 6mm Extenders - £15

Totalled, that comes to around £1100 when you throw in 2 litres of Mayhems Clear coolant, and doesn’t include the 12/16mm PETG tubing, 120mm RGB fans, LED lighting controller etc. Shaping hard tubing in particular is also a very hard-earned skill that you will fail multiple times when you try it yourself as a novice.

Realistically, this represents a very minimal premium (5-10%) over the cost of ‘doing it yourself’ if you don’t consider your time to be particularly valuable. In fact Cyberpower’s Hyper Liquid X139 instinctively feels like an excellent way to pursue the path of bespoke water cooling, unless the minutiae of assembling it yourself is part of the fun of course.

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