Cyberpower PC Hyper Liquid X139 Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅31-03-23
Packaging and Bundle

Cyberpower opted to ship this system securely double-boxed on a pallet, keeping the orientation of the system fixed to minimise the chances of loosening the fittings. In contrast to the Infinity X129 TI D5 from last year they somewhat surprisingly didn’t include any expanding foam pocket packaging internally.

By double-boxing the system and using thick foam as a buffer between outer and inner box, the system was protected from strong lateral shifts in shipping. It’s weight (significantly over 20kgs) and pallet delivery method ameliorates the risk of sharp vertical shifts.

Cyberpower also ensure that all the correct accessories - motherboard bundled items, surplus PSU cables, any extras supplied with premium components etc - are included in the delivery package in case you choose to add to the system after purchase.

As a matter of course Cyperpower UK leave on the plastic protection for acrylic and tempered glass windows, minimising the risk of scratches and fingerprints when unboxing.

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