Cyberpower PC Infinity X10 RTX Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅26-08-20

Core Component Retailer Pricing

Intel Core i9-10900KF:- 589.99
MSI RTX 2080 SUPER VENTUS:- 749.99
16GB HyperX Fury RAM:- 64.00
512GB ADATA NVMe SSD:- 69.99
2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD:- 52.34
Corsair RM750X:- 129.98
Cooler Master Master Liquid 240 Lite:- 49.99
NZXT H510*:- 74.99

Total: 2041.26 (inc. V.A.T., excl delivery)

The NZXT H511 is a model exclusive to SI's but with few changes from the H510

MSI's RTX 2080 SUPER VENTUS 8G OC is by some margin the most expensive component in this configuration

The differential between Infinity X10 RTX as configured and combined retail pricing for each of its major components is 159, less than 10% of the overall system price. This covers the RGB fans and lighting, Windows 10 Installation, 1yr Bullguard Internet Security, 3 year limited warranty (2 years for parts) and system assembly including testing. Standard Insured delivery to mainland UK is included in the price.

On the face of it this seems like exceptional value for customers who place a premium on their time or worry about their personal expertise, but that conclusion is also contingent on acceptable cable management and good long-term support. The latter cannot be assessed in a short-term review but, given the wide range of component choices available through the Infinity X10 RTX configurator, at no point would we be dissuaded from opting for their route to putting together a system.

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