Cyberpower PC Infinity X10 RTX Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅26-08-20
Packaging and Bundle

The Infinity X10 RTX was shipped assembled in the packaging for the NZXT H511 chassis. In general this is acceptable, but customers should ensure they double-check the exterior for signs of damage during transit.

Note that the weight of the package will be significantly higher than the chassis alone.

Air pillows and an expandable foam packet ensure that internal system components are held securely in place during transit, and in the short term should be retained for returning the system if necessary. Opting for a AIO Liquid CPU cooler reduces the stress on the socket during shipping, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Remove all internal and external packaging and check power connectors prior to booting up the system.

An accessory pouch contains what couldn't be conveniently packaged within the system chassis. In this instance spare PSU cables, cables bundled with the MSI Z490 motherboard, the wireless networking antenna and stand, and RGB controller remote are all safely tucked away here during shipping.

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