Cyberpower PC Infinity X66 GTX Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅20-05-19
First impressions are important, so by association, that includes the aesthetics of a gaming machine. While its performance, which we’ll get to very soon, is paramount, we also like the machine to look good. The Corsair Carbide Spec Delta looks fantastic at night and in the daylight. The RGB lighting is bright and super easy to configure with the included remote control, you can change through many different modes and adjust speeds etc, all while not bloating your system with any kind of software. Cable management is tidy, largely thanks to the Corsair Spec Delta but also to Cyberpower for their routing skills behind the motherboard tray. Overall, the system looks great, just do us a favour and swap out the brown motherboard for a black one, please.

For your £979, the Intel Core i5 9400F and GTX 1660 seem to be very well matched, they power through 1080p gaming with no issues and even managed four of our titles at 1440p, with relatively high AA and quality settings. The Intel 760p SSD enables a rapid boot into Windows 10 and thanks to the 16GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, there’s ample memory for large programs and any game you can throw at it. The Intel CPUs 4.1GHz turboboost, which we found it was often hitting, or close to, enabled the system some very good single-threaded performance, particularly when compared to a Ryzen 5 CPU of similar cost.

Because of Cyberpower’s use of a chassis featuring three fans in the front, a twin-fan GPU cooler and a Corsair H60 AIO loop, noise and temperatures are all kept to a minimum, we struggled to hear the system while gaming making this an ideal system to place on your desk where a droning fan could quickly become a nuisance. Corsair’s CX650 PSU also remained very quiet in the bottom of the case, drawing in cool air from the bottom of the case; thanks to its 650W peak output, you’re also well catered for if you choose to upgrade the GPU or add additional HDDs in the future.

2TB of HDD is plenty of most users, especially when you consider the 256GB SSD, all under the £1000 bracket. This gives you space for one, or possibly two, large AAA gaming titles and your operating system on the C: drive and 2TB of D: for all your movies, pictures, music and less-used games.

Considering the Infinity X66 sweeps in under the £1000 bracket, you wouldn't know. The finish inside the case paired with the very respectable performance left us feeling like this machine presents excellent value with well-thought-out components.

+ RGB lighting looks great
+ Excellent cable management
+ Solid 1080p and 1440p performance
+ Corsair H60 enables the Intel 9400F to run at or near to its maximum clock speeds most of the time
+ Cool and quiet
+ No area seems to have been over or under spent on

- Plastic case front is a dust magnet
- The BIOS buzzer is an odd addition

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