Cyberpower PC Ultra 55 4T Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07-08-23
Packaging and Bundle

Cyberpower PC ship the Ultra 55 4T single-boxed in the packaging of its chassis. The system is cushioned by cellulose foam at least 2.5cm thick at each corner, providing some protection from bumps during transit. The review sample arrived with some superficial exterior damage but the system was completely unharmed.

Protecting internal components is a large pocket of expandable foam that’s contoured to hold heavier parts, particularly the GPU but also the CPU cooler, in place. It’s advised that all the packaging is retained just in case the system needs to be returned for a refund or warranty RMA.

Cyberpower PC also ensures that all relevant accessories - i.e. motherboard bundled cables, wireless antenna, surplus PSU cables etc. - are included in the delivery package in case you choose to add to the system after purchase. These arrive in a branded zipped bag that can be used for longer term storage.

A cloth shroud protects the system, particularly its tempered glass window, from scratches during shipping and unboxing. As a matter of course Cyberpower also leave on the plastic protection for acrylic and tempered glass windows.

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