CyberPowerPC Hydro-X Ultra Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅28-11-19
Packaging & Bundle
The system arrived on a wooden pallet, a full-size wooden pallet delivered by a specialist pallet firm, with ample foam, wrapping and strapping used to make sure the system got to us in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, it was a bit too large to get into your photography area to grab any photos.

After CyberPower are finished putting your system together, they box it back up in the original packaging. Corsair have already provided the custom-fit polystyrene and cardboard so it’d be stupid not to re-use them for the sake of some branding. Much better for the environment this way, too.

You also get a smaller box containing all of the accessories.

We’d be here all day listing all of the extras, but everything they’ve removed or that came with included components is present and accounted for, including manuals and installation media.

The inside of the PC has been packed to the rafters with large-size bubble wrap ensuring nothing can move about or snap off, with the door then taped shut.

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