D-Link AC3200 Ultra (DIR-890L) Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-10-15

D-Link are seasoned networking specialists so there were always going to be high expectations from their new AC3200 Ultra and we can whole heartedly say we’ve not been let down.

Like the spanner is to the mechanic or the knife to the butcher, the AC3200 Ultra is the ideal tool for the network technician. But this router isn’t restricted to just the advanced user or for business practise – indeed, D-Link has actually designed AC3200 Ultra to cater to the home user and the gamer. Its feature-set and capabilities stretch out and we’re presented with a rather versatile piece of kit.

Aesthetically, D-Link has done a great job. The styling fits in with a contemporary environment and it will add class to any room, though the size could present a few challenges. While this router is regarded as quite an advanced piece of hardware, we like how simple D-Link has kept things both as part of the external design and when navigating and using the software GUI. The inbuilt software is easy to use, fluid and intuitive.

One of AC3200 Ultra’s biggest selling point is undoubtedly the Tri-Band connectivity and bandwidth which allows up to 3200Mbps courtesy of 802.11ac. This specification works hand-in-hand with any home network nowadays with the advent of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TV entertainment systems and desktop computers. Having multiple devices in the family home is now part of everyday life and as such the demands with the plethora of traffic require a networking product which can accommodate this criteria and the AC3200 Ultra bits the bill, down to the tee.

Current pricing for D-Link’s AC3200 Ultra sits at £215 GBP / $287 USD. Wireless AC routers are still relatively new to the market and rival options vary in price – some extending beyond this figure. Based on the strong feature-set and positive user-experience we believe D-Link’s solution is a good value for money option.

The D-Link AC3200 Ultra doesn’t fail to impress. A unique design with feature rich attributes and Tri-band connectivity sets this WiFi router apart.

+ Aesthetically stunning
+ Intuitive software GUI
+ USB 3.0 port
+ Tri-Band connectivity
+ Up to 3200Mbps
+ Strong signal
+ Mobile app friendly
+ Feature rich-network tools

- Large
- Permanently fixed antennas

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