DeepCool GAMMAXX GT TGA Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-10-18
Once again, we find ourselves reasonably happy with a Deepcool product.

Firstly, we love the RGB effects, which is the main appeal of such a product rather than outright performance. However, one major downfall of this particular model is a lack of RGB connectivity if your motherboard lacks the required 4-pin header. Our Gigabyte motherboard is a few years old now, but is still perfectly useable but isn’t compatible with the RGB lighting.

Moving onto temperature performance; you must remember that our test rig consists of an i7 3930K CPU, a 6 core, 12 thread beast from 2011. This thing has a TDP of 135w at its stock clocks, which rises to around 170w when overclocked to 4.4GHz. The coolers ability to dissipate that amount of heat bodes well for users with much more modest power requirements. Most common CPUs won’t go above 100w.

Acoustics are reasonable, with idle and load noise levels being there or there abouts with all-in-one watercooling loops promising quiet operation, while costing a fraction of those same counterparts.

Lastly, the overall aesthetic. With the RGB lighting turned off, this product will fit in with a TUF Gaming Alliance build perfectly well, with the black and yellow theme and futuristic etchings on top. But turn on the RGB lighting and this will look excellent in any case with a glass window.

Value for money is an absolute strong suit of this cooler, sitting on the shelves at GBP £39.98 / USD $44.99 / AUS $77.00. Not many other cooling solutions can compete with the RGB lighting and cooling ability at this price point.

If a cheap and cheerful CPU cooler is what you seek, but you can’t give up the RGB lighting, this will certainly tick those boxes.

+ Excellent RGB lighting
+ Decent performance
+ Easy to install
+ Good socket compatibility
+ Adds to the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance
+ Price

+- Not the quietest cooler available

- Poorly machined heatsink base
- Requires RGB header

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