Deepcool AG400 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅18-07-22
Closer Look

The top section of AG400 sports the Deepcool logo which has been carved out of the uppermost fin and the copper heatpipes can be seen. As this will be the most visible aspect of the cooler, it’s nice to see a clean and tidy aesthetic that will look appealing.

Deepcool is using a premium nickel-plated heatsink and a matrix- shaped fin-array for AG400.

Included with this cooler is a single 120mm LED fan. This fan is capable of 500-2000 RPM and airflow of up to 75.89 CFM. Deepcool also provide another set of fan clips to attached a second fan onto the other side of the heatsink.

The baseplate is copper and features direct touch with the four copper heatpipes in a bid to transfer heat away from the processor, dissipating through the fin stack. Deepcool includes pre-applied thermal paste to the cooler (No additional tube of thermal paste is supplied in the accessories bundle).

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