DeepCool CL500 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-08-20

It can be a difficult task for case manufacturers to think up new and exciting ideas which improve the user experience but DeepCool has definitely achieved a degree of innovation with the CL500 and its magnetic side panels. We were impressed by how effective such a feature is and how it helps to streamline the installation process.

CL500 arrives with a handful of useful features which system builders will really appreciate. There is a PWM fan hub behind the motherboard tray which is very handy for keeping fan cables away from the visible side, CL500 is equipped with a GPU support bracket to alleviate strain on heavy graphics cards; this is something which is absent from many cases and DeepCool has proven how easy such a feature is to incorporate, and the provision of USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C on the front panel connectivity is very much welcomed and now fully supported by current motherboard chipsets.

Loading a new system inside CL500 is very easy thanks to the space we’re presented with but we would like to see more tool-free techniques employed for storage installation; both the HDD and SSDs require standard screws which isn’t something we’ve come across for many years. Another aspect which left us with an element of disappointment was the inability to vertically mount the graphics card. There are slots available, but when the cover is removed the GPU back panel does not fit correctly – DeepCool informs us that the purchase of a separate adapter is necessary (PAB300). Rather than design the case to accommodate their proprietary vertical adapter, DeepCool should avoid alienating customers and engineer the case to allow the GPU to be vertically mounted in a standard fashion.

If we look at thermal performance out of the box, CL500 does suffer somewhat and that is primarily due to cooling configuration; including just one pre-installed fan. Obviously, adding in more fans like we have done for this review will improve airflow and cooling performance but this will come at a cost of at least $10-15 per fan – bumping that cost right up!

CL500 arrives with a price-tag of $79 USD | $129 AUD | £79 GBP – which certainly leans more towards the value segment. We get a nice blend of features for such a cost and this is all backed by a 2 year warranty.

CL500 is another reminder which showcases how DeepCool should not be underestimated in the computer case division!

+ Appealing design
+ Innovative magnetic side panels
+ Includes USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
+ Includes a GPU support bracket
+ Easy to install kit
+ Good build quality
+ Features PWM fan hub
+ Can host high-end kit

- Installing GPU vertically requires adapter to be purchased
- Some aspects (HDD/SSD) are not tool-free.
- Just one cooling fan pre-installed
- Mediocre cooling performance

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