Deepcool Gamer Storm GF120 Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅21-10-14
Features and Specifications of the GF120
This time around, Deepcool did not splurge on countless accessories. Instead, they focused on the fan. This PWM fan comes to us with Optimized Airflow channels.

One feature that isn’t obvious from the picture is that the whole fan is covered in soft rubber . . . well, I’ll let Deepcool tell you about their fan:
Japanese Fluid Dynamic Bearing & high-quality IC to offer a super noise level
100% rubber-cover design with perfect de-vibration effect
Detachable fan impeller owned the function of recruited lubricating oil, extend the lifetime max.
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to adjust fan speed automatically according to the system's request
MTTF (Mean Time To Failure): 100,000 hours to offer a more steady working time max.
Optimized fan configuration with triple-proof (Dustproof, Waterproof, Oil-leakage proof) with estimated lifetime of 100,000 hours.

Specifications of the GF120 from their website

Specifications from the box add some tidbits. For example, they provide a “Molex” connector that provides 7 Volts to a PWM socket in an adapter. The Deepcool GF120 box tells us they expect the fan to provide us with 58.69 CFM at 1200 RPM when supplied by that 7V adapter. As for static pressure, Deepcool does not put a table on the box, they put up a PQ chart for three separate RPM’s – the fan’s full speed, the fan with the 7V adapter, and the fan at nominal speed when the PWM is at the minimum:

I was impressed to see a three-speed PQ curve. However, I did not see an IP code for the “Triple Proof,” protection, so I would not dunk one of these fans in water.

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