Deepcool Gamer Storm MF120 RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-08-18
Closer Look
Each corner of the MF120 fan is rubberised, helping to prevent any vibrations travelling through the aluminium chassis. Attached directly onto those aluminium legs are the LED light strips, running the whole width of the 120mm fan.

The 9 plastic blades are made of two joined pieces, seemingly to help focus airflow and reduce noise, keeping system temperatures low without pushing up the volume.
Deepcool even went as far as putting our logo in the centre, a nice touch for a review sample!

The reverse side shows the hub of the fan (featuring the logo which should be on the top, instead of our Vortez logo), and the underside of those 9 blades. As you can see, the entire thing is supported from the top.

You may have noticed the lack of any wiring to the fan – this is removeable which may help with wire routing and tidiness.

The controller is roughly the same dimensions as a typical 2.5” SATA drive, with a bit more thickness about it. Thanks to that similarity, they’ve fitted the four screw points on the underside to allow installation to a 2.5” mounting bracket, or alternatively you can use the self-adhesive Velcro pad. The clear, white section you see is also RGB-enabled which works in unison to the fans.

The rear of the controller is laid out well, again with routing cables in mind. We see many controllers that sprout cables at every angle, making them a pain to install and adjust.

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