Deepcool LS520 and LS720 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-05-22

Cooling performance is pivotal for CPU coolers and our testing highlights just how excellent the new LS series is when it comes down to thermal performance. It should also be noted that acoustics were also pleasing, the usual trade-off for cooling performance is noise, but noise levels remained within the realms of acceptable.

Our cooling test system uses LGA 1700 – which is Intel’s latest socket and platform. We found the entire process of getting the LS Series installed to be without any hiccups or issues. The process is straightforward and simple. One thing we would advice before installing the fans/radiator is to pre-attach the cables for daisy chaining because our first attempt meant the connectors on the fans were facing the top edge of the case and it wasn’t possible to reach them easily. Pre-attaching cables before everything goes into the computer case will avoid any requirement to re-install.

We really like that the A-RGB lighting comes out of the box, can be used on auto or with the motherboard manufacturers RGB tech. Furthermore, the pump design means that you can fully customise the look because Deepcool supply a blank plate.

Each of the coolers are priced to be affordable, coming in at LS520 - $109 USD | LS720 - $139 USD and they even come with a 5-year warranty and anti-leak tech

The new LS Series should not be ignored – if you are in the market for a high-performance liquid cooler then you should definitely consider either of the models within this new range.

+ A-RGB features
+ Can customise the pump design
+ Multiple size options
+ Excellent performance
+ Low-noise operation
+ Cables can be daisy chained
+ Affordable
+ Anti-leak tech
+ Impressive 5 years warranty

- None!

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