DeepCool STEAM CASTLE Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-07-14

Ever since DeepCool announced the Steam Castle we were eager to get this quirky new computer chassis in for review. There is no denying the appeal with this exciting new case because it drastically steps away from the norm in its external design. By the same token though, there's nothing subtle about the Steam Castle's looks. Deep Cool have opted for bold and curvy styling which is at odds with the current trend for rather monolithic exteriors; it seems almost as if they had their 'turbine' idea early on in the design process and decided to run with it, no matter the cost. The result is a chassis you love or you hate, but also unlike the busy (and often cheap-looking) designs of so-called gamer chassis.

Inside, we can house a wide array of high-performance hardware including big graphics cards, CPU coolers and 240mm ALCs. As well as having a powder coated internal design, the actual build quality is rather good and we can confidently report no issues in this particular department.

We really like the additional extras which come with Steam Castle which include a handy fan controller for adjusting the speed of the two cooling fans within the case, an innovative PCI locking mechanism and the varied storage options for 2.5” and 3.5” drives.

Our review of Steam Castle remains largely positive but there are a few areas which could be improved. Using a 240mm radiator at the top of the case prevents an optical drive being installed – with a slight modification to the design this could be resolved. Likewise, it’s the same situation for the graphics card support too. We would favour moving the 5.25” drive cage further down and completely removing the 2.5” cage below it. Another small and perhaps insignificant thing to note is that the cable running to the fans does not use black insulation or braiding to retain that clean and tidy look – adding in such a feature would be useful, however small it might be since it’s the small things that matter.

Being priced at £70 GBP / $100 USD places Steam Castle among some popular Micro ATX cases and the cost is neither pricey nor cheap. The choice of different colours is surely within DeepCool’s favour.

DeepCool’s new Steam Castle is certainly a head-turner. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, this Micro ATX computer chassis includes a number of useful features and being available in a selection of bright and exciting colours can only stand it in good stead.


+ Available in numerous colours
+ Exciting & fun design
+ Decent build quality
+ Plenty of storage options
+ Fan controller included
+ Handy PCI fixing mechanism
+ Good cooling performance

- Steampunk design not everyone’s cup of tea
- 240mm radiator obstructs optical drive
- Fan cables without braiding or black insulation
- Possible PCI-E power connector obstruction for GPU

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