DimasTech Easy V3.0 Testbench Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-02-19
Technical Specifications
430mm Depth x 490mm Width x 205mm Height (Height is measured by considering the Rubber Feet and not considering the 25mm spacers to support the Motherboard and 8 slot Expansion Boards Support)

Bench Table Colour:
Spicy Red

Supports Colour:
Graphite Black (Matt Black)

Production Specifications:
CNC Laser Cutting of sheet thickness 1.5 mm
Hand Welding
Powder Coating
Finish and Quality Control Standard in accordance with strict internal regulations
"Made in Italy"

Technical Specifications:
Motherboard Compatibility ATX, Full ATX, NanoATX, MicroATX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX, MiniITX
Installation of up to 3 Devices 5.25 inches
Installation of up to 4 Hard Drive 3.5 Inch - (Optional up to 8 Hard Drive 3.5 Inch - BT149)
Wide Step Area under the Socket for Heat Sinks removal.
New DimasTech® Buttons for Reset and Power Switch with LEDs Ring
8 PCI Slots
Compatibility with Power Supplies up to 22cm in length,
DimasTech ® Knurled Screws M3 and 6-32 (Step UNC) complete with Knurled Nuts - all made of Anodised Aluminium.
Rubber Feet
1 DimasTech ® FlexFan 120 V2.0
Lower drawer with sliding track and fixing with ThumbScrews
Positioning Supports Peripherals with Quick Release Hardware Antivibration DimasTech®
Positioning Devices Supports Modulable
Total Elimination of the use of the External Instrument
Possibility Mounting Panel - I/O DimasTech® V2.0 (including 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Audio IN / OUT 1 Audio, 1 E-SATA) - (Sold separately in the Accessories Section BT163)
Compatibility with Radiators up to 360 (Fan 120mmx3) or 280 (140x2) - Radiators 120, 140, 240, 280, 360, and Black Ice Sr 360 (20mm fan space)
Pump Support compatible with DDC (DDC 3.25), DCC (DCC 300, 500, DCC-1RT), D5, AQUASTREAM XT, SANSO PD054 (Sold separately in the Accessories Section BT152)
Possibility mounting DimasTech® Radext up to 5 Positions (up to 360) on the upper part of the Bench with fixing system Tooless (on both sides SX and DX and on Frontal) - (http://www.dimastech.it/EN/c/dimastech-waterstations/shrouds/1/ /)
Full Compatibility with the Support of the Products Series Mini V1.0

Package Included:
DimasTech® Bench / Test Table Easy V3.0
1 DimasTech® HD Support 3,5" x 4 Slot
1 DimasTech® Support for Optical Drive 5,25" x 3 Slot
1 DimasTech® Expansion Board Support 8 Slots
1 DimasTech® PSU Support
1 DimasTech® Through Wall Fitting Support for Organizing Tubes 16/17
1 DimasTech ® FlexFan 120 V2.0
A Complete Kit of Screws for Hardware, Knurled Screws to Support Expansion Cards, PushButtons (Ring LEDs) and Cables DimasTech ® Reset and Power and DimasTech® Feet.
10 DimasTech® Spacers 25mm
1 DimasTech Sticker ®
Installation Manual DimasTech ® (Downloadable from the Site for each Article, Section or directly from the News Blog - all in accordance with the Environment)

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