DinoPC Primal Comet Ryzen Gaming Package Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅05-01-18
Closer Look (Internals)
Removing the side panel, we reveal the internals. As you can see, the cable routing is reasonably well executed, but that 8-Pin CPU power cable annoyed us somewhat.

The AMD CPU Cooler blows air down across the fins underneath, and helps to cool the RAM, VRMs and any other components within close proximity to the CPU. The cooler also features a ring of light around the top, lighting up red when booted. Under the cooler sits the AMD Ryzen 1400X CPU, clocked at 3.2GHz across all 8 threads; this should provide more than enough horsepower for all of the latest games.

The motherboard used is the ASUS A320, a small uATX board presenting the option of M.2 storage (hidden behind the GPU), plenty of SATA drives and excellent energy efficiency.

Instead of choosing a pair of DDR4 sticks, DinoPC have decided to go for a single 8GB stick, allowing an easy upgrade route to 16GB once DRAM pricing has dropped. Our only gripe here is the ugly green colour – this wouldn’t have been an issue if the side panel didn’t feature an acrylic viewing window.

The NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB graphics card from ASUS features a twin slot design to help keep the graphics core cool – we’ll see how well this cooler performs in our temperature test.

Hiding underneath the GTX 1060 is the WiFi card with a couple of antennas on the outside. It’s best that you can’t see this, really, with the ugly green PCB.

The 500W Aerocool PSU, located at the bottom, features 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency to help save on energy bills. Mounted on the front of the case, to draw air through the mesh section is a 120mm Corsair fan. There’s room for 3x 3.5” drives, one of which is already occupied. There’s also arrangements made, to the right of the motherboard, to mount a pair of 2.5” drives (perfect for hiding away SSDs for a cleaner appearance.)

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