Drobo 5N2 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-11-17

Product on Review: Drobo 5N2
Manufacturer: Drobo
Street Price: £456.99 / $499.99

Due to the importance of the data in our lives, products like the Drobo 5N2 are increasing in popularity. They’re an easy way to store large amounts of data securely, however, perhaps the most important feature for some is the fact that data is held on-site, where you can see it.

Today we’re looking at the Drobo 5N2, a 5-bay NAS system that claims to be as difficult to understand as a traffic light.

Featuring a system called BeyondRAID, the 5N2 can experience a drive failure across two of the disks without losing any of your important data – extremely important if your data is invaluable.

Alongside the BeyondRAID, we also see improved speeds via an upgraded CPU and port bonding.

Read on to find out how the latest iteration copes with our tests.

Drobo on the 5N2:
The latest generation 5 Bay NAS, the Drobo 5N2 delivers an unparalleled user experience for data sharing, secure backup, remote access and disaster recovery solutions. The 5N2 is the fastest, network attached Drobo available to prosumers and provides up to 2x performance boost with an upgraded processor and port bonding option. The 5N2 is built with Drobo’s patented BeyondRAID™ technology to meet the demanding data storage requirements of connected home users, media professionals and small businesses. The expanded functionality includes technology features of Drobo’s enterprise level products, such as DroboDR for disaster recovery backup. By implementing a level of automation usually preserved for more expensive solutions, and still maintaining the award-winning simplicity found in all Drobos, the 5N2 is the easiest to use NAS on the market.

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