EasySMX T47 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅03-06-18

The software for the T47 is not listed on the product page, and you have to perform a Google search to find it. If you search for EasySMX download centre, that will enable you to find the page and access the download link. It would have been nice if the software was listed on the product as it would have saved a step in the initial setup process.

The main landing page of the software provides you with a list of all the mice that are compatible with the software. To the right side of that, you get a brief rundown of some of the key features of the mouse. To launch the main customisation application, you simply have to press the button marked “Setting”.

On the main software - on the left side, there is a labelled image of the mouse featuring all the buttons that at are programmable. To the right of this, there are three distinct categories that can be customised. The section marked "performance", is very basic and allows you to adjust the polling rate - which is set to 500Hz by default, but can be increased to 1000Hz for a 1ms response time. The DPI adjustment is surprisingly good. You get the option to preset six different levels. To do this, you simply click on one of the highlighted boxes and use the slider to set the level of DPI you desire. To lock this choice, simply select the icon on the right-hand side of the slider.

The “button” option allows you to programme 7 out of the 8 buttons. This can be done by selecting the button you wish to programme, and then you can choose what function you wish to add.

“Effect” is where you focus on lighting customisation. There are 5 main lighting effects to choose from, and an option to fully switch off the illumination. Below that there are 3 different levels of speed and 3 levels of brightness control. At the very bottom, there is the colour spectrum selector which allows you to pick a solid colour if you wish to match it to your setup.

Although the software is basic, it functions very well and allows you to customise the T47 to your preference.

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