EasySMX T47 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅03-06-18
Performance Testing
Setup and Observations

The initial setup is easy, all you require is a spare USB 2.0 port. If you want to make full use of the mouses' features, then you’ll need the software. Our first main observation is that the T47 is more aimed towards users to adopt a palm grip style - due to the shape. A hybrid or claw grip style is possible, but not as comfortable. The glide feet on the underside of the mouse are not the smoothest, and there is a bit more resistance than what a Teflon coated set would offer. The side grips would benefit from having a rubberised texture rather than the plastic which is currently used. We understand that for the price point some cutbacks must be made, but rubberised grips would go a long way to help improve long-term comfort and grip.

RGB illumination

The RGB implementation on the T47 is better than expected. The RGB is mostly vibrant, and the colours have nice levels of saturation and fairly good accuracy. The RGB illumination on the rear logo is strong and doesn’t appear to have any visible thinness or hot spots. The second RGB area - the one around the bottom of the mouse, does not do as good a job - in certain situations. When under a desk light, the lighting isn’t as bright as the main logo, and there are some areas where the illumination is quite thin. When the light source has been switched off, the lighting effect does improve, but as you’re likely to use the mouse in the daytime or under lighting, the RGB illumination in this area suffers.


Day-to-day performance is good, and the T47 gave us no problems at all when using it for web browsing, document editing and even for some light photo manipulation in Photoshop. The left and right click are responsive even though not the quickest we’ve ever come across. Cursor movement and control is great until you starting pushing the DPI to its higher limits. The sensor seems to struggle to maintain smoothness at higher levels of DPI with the mouse becomes very difficult to control accurately. The scroll wheel, however, is decent. The scroll steps are good, but the scrolling action isn’t the smoothest we've come across. It is still very usable for everyday tasks though.

Gaming with the T47 was a good experience, the slower left and right click did sometimes impair the ability to perform burst, and rapid-fire actions in games like Overwatch, but if you play slower paced titles this shouldn't pose an issue. The left and right buttons - on the left side of the mouse, are a bit softly sprung and fairly slow to react. The PWM-3325 sensor is solid, but again, not as responsive as sensors like the PWM-3310. For fast-paced games, it does hold its own and can just about keep up with quicker actions and movements, again it doesn’t quite match the performance of the 3310 sensor. Tracking and accuracy is quite respectable, but the lift-off distance is a bit high. Unfortunately, there is no option to tweak the lift-off distance, and if you often lift your mouse to move it, this could cause a few problems.

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