ECS A55F-A2 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-03-12

Product on Review:ECS A55F-A2
Manufacturer: Elitegroup Computer Systems
Street Price: 40 est. retail

ECS aim to set a standard in performance and reliability while being committed to delivering environmentally friendly products, the A55F-A2 is no exception. Coming in with the now familiar greyscale aesthetic, the A55F-A2, while being ignorant to the synonyms used to market the latest high end products, focuses more on reliability and longevity. The Hudson D2 A.K.A the A55 chipset, targets a more cost conscious audience while offering the flexibility and performance the mainstream user would need, which ultimately translates as missing out on some of the latest and greatest, arguably not entirely important, features, namely USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s.

EliteGroup's Overview

ECS newly emerged A55F-A2 model in AMD FM1 Socket
A55F-A2 is a combination of AMD FM1 Socket integrated with A55 chipset. It's furnished with Dual-Channel DDR3 memory, 6 SATA (3Gb/s), multipule outputs (DVI, HDMI, VGA) with DirectX 11 for absolute visual experience and MIB III utility for advanced tuning performance. In order to bringing best quality, A55F-A2 passes 50℃ burn test, designed in all solid capacitors, and pocesses Non-Disk utility for easy initial LAN boost set-up. ECS exclusive technologies EZ charger function and application kit (eSF, eBLU, eDLU and eJiffy) are definitly something you could ever dream of. A55F-A2 is for sure the top chioce without any hesitation.

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