Element Gaming Neon 250 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-15

Product on Review: Element Gaming Neon 250 Gaming Headset
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Element Gaming
Street Price: £24.99

In our second outing with Element Gaming, we take a look at another wallet friendly headset with a slight difference. Other than the slight aesthetic change compared to the Neon 300, we get the same 50mm drivers that provide v7.1 surround via USB. So what's different? In short, a retractable microphone and a vibration feature. But is there more to the changes than what meets the eye?

Overview by Element Gaming
Gaming, like so many things in life, requires concentration. No one wants to miss a vital clue in a line of dialogue or have the tension sucked out of a dramatic scene by a vacuum going off in the background. Similarly, others around you might prefer not to hear gunshots, death screams or the sound of high speed collisions blasting out from a cranked up TV set. Get around this tricky issue in style by immersing yourself in the audio splendour of Element’s Neon 250 gaming headset.

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