Element Gaming Neon 250 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-15

As an entry level headset, the Neon 250 ticks many boxes by delivering great gaming audio, good comfort in a robust and interesting body. The sleek design will appeal more to those looking to avoid the more 'garish gamer' designs with its neat angles and more subtle lighting effects. The finishing touches like the braided cable and the easy to use software really add a sense of value and if you are looking for a good gaming headset without breaking the bank, the Neon 250 is a a no brainer.

Looking at the downsides, its really difficult to press on the matters too hard in consideration to the price, however, the tinny microphone was the biggest issue in regards to functionality and having the 'open mic' option turned on in DoTA 2 is a sure fire way to round up the most reports in the shortest period of time. That being said, used sparingly with push to talk it does still function fine. The main consideration to picking up on the quality of the microphone is because the cheaper Neon 300 had a microphone which is much more reasonable in performance in comparison. It is worth noting that the in-line remote doesn't have a clip on the back, this is mentioned as the repeated tug as the in-line remote fell from my lap became noticeable, and this is a common issue shared by the Element Gaming headsets, though its not really a major flaw, more a minor annoyance.

Overall the party piece of the Neon 250 is the vibration feature, adding to the excitment in games making this a great choice if you game solo and are on a tight budget.

The vibration feature compliments the warm bassy audio making in game action that bit more intense and engaging.

+ Sleek aesethetic
+ Comfortable
+ Good gaming audio
+ Easy to use Software
+ Vibration works well
+ Price

- Microphone is a bit tinny

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