Element Gaming Neon 300 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-15

Product on Review: Element Gaming Neon 300 Gaming Headset
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Element Gaming
Street Price: 24.99

Element Gaming are a fresh, UK based group with the mission to bring affordable, quality gaming peripherals to UK gamers. Taking on the four pillars of design, precision, reliability and performance, complete with a recognisable logo and branding based on the periodic table of elements, it becomes our task to see if this marketing facade can speak to the intended consumer.

The range of headsets from Element Gaming are named after Nobel gases and the first we take a look at the Neon 300. Being an entry level product, there is glossy plastic, in this case it is black complimented by a mid-blue colour, similar to the blue LED lighting seen on many keyboards. What the price level doesn't tell you is that the Neon 300 has 50mm drivers driven via USB as well as offering a colourful LED lighting effect. Though the actual products are made by a Chinese OEM that are used by various other brands, it would appear that this OEM are able to cater for third party specifications and design allowing for variation.

Overview by Element Gaming
If you are looking for elite gaming headphones you will enjoy the Neon 300. With crystal clear sound that picks up every detail and nuance of a game situation to the sensitive microphone for communicating with opponents or teammates these headphones are the ideal addition to your gaming rig.

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