Element Gaming Neon 300 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-15
Closer Look

The side mesh looks like scales, or magical rainbows bouncing off one another, hold the earcup together while the Element Gaming logo sits in a almost superman like diamond at the centre. When plugged in the LED lighting shines through the side of the earcup giving a pulsing coloured glow, shifting through various colours. The boom microphone is solid but can be moved down in an arc of 100°.

The adjustable strap is reinforced with metal, which should provide extra reliability.

The inside earcup is large and is covered by a fabric mesh. The leather material is difficult to determine if it is real leather, PU leather or other as it seems slightly rubbery, but seems strong and soft so shouldn't be an issue as this price point.

Long 3m of braided cable which matches the blue and black colour scheme. This headset is controlled by a large inline remote and at the end is a USB adapter.

The inline remote is large and bulky but falls into a pleasing orientation when used in the left hand. There are controls for volume, sound mute, mic mute and LED on/off.

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