Element Gaming Neon 300 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅03-04-15

The Neon 300 hits all the major pillars of a good headset and delivers them at the great price of 22.98 at the time of writing. The 50mm drivers deliver a warm bass while the comfort and design make for an interesting bargain if you are on a tight budget.

The issue at this price point is, that it is sandwiched between many other similar products (SADES anyone?) without seriously pushing any boundaries. The construction and overall quality at this level is good and any buyer that is looking for a gaming headset in this price range will enjoy the charms and features of the Neon 300. Though it arguably joins the sea of products that could equally do the same. The audio quality is decent and will please many gamers though audio enthusiasts will want to avoid. As with a cheap camera lens the focus is a little soft, however, in the right situation soft is good!

The Element Gaming Neon 300 offers excellent bang for buck with its vibrant aesthetic and warm performance.

+ Comfortable
+ Enjoyable warm sound
+ Easy to use Software
+ LED Lighting (can be switched off)
+ Price

- Audio definition is a little loose

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