Element Gaming Beryllium Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-07-15

Product on Review: Element Gaming Beryllium
Manufacturer: Element Gaming
Street Price: £64.98 inc VAT

Element Gaming have hit the market with a stable of good value peripherals and as we were impressed with a selection of their headsets such as the Neon 250 and the Xenon 700, so we were happy to get the chance to look at their mechanical keyboard. In keeping to the 'element' theme, the keyboard gets named after the rare metal 'Beryllium'.

Featuring linear red mechanical switches by Kailh which are individually backlit, the Beryllium keyboard falls into the entry level warzone amongst the cheapest illuminated mechanical keyboards available. Many will be happy with the easy plug and play setup, as well as make the most of features such as the 'Windows lock' function and full N-Key Roll Over (NKRO).

Overview by Element Gaming
Every Trade has its essential tools and PC gaming is no different. If you’re a dedicated gamer, a standard keyboard just isn’t equipped to handle the punishment you can deal out during extended play sessions.

What you need is the Beryllium Mechanical Keyboard from Element Gaming. Packed full of features to help you up your gaming efficiency and make every keystroke count, including highly durable mechanical keys and a removable wrist support. It also features blue backlighting with red WASD and arrow keys.

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