Element Gaming Beryllium Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-07-15
Performance Testing

The Beryllium keyboard is plug and play and so doesn't require dedicated software. Many will enjoy the simplicity in setting this up (plug into a spare USB port and go!) though some gamers may prefer a product with dedicated drivers for use of macros. The keyboard itself is of a standard layout but the way the switches are set into the aluminium plate looks and feels fantastic. The Red switches had a higher actuation force requirement than what I am used to but felt smooth satisfying to press. The coloured plastic at the bottom may put some buyers off as it may not fit well into their colour scheme but does look interesting in its own right.

Testing both 6-KRO and N-KRO modes show the number of simultaneous key registrations.

As we started out testing, we could feel that the keyscaps use on the Beryllium are a little flimsy, but not to any great concern. The linear switches feel great and was enjoyable for use in gaming, however this didn't seem so true for typing, effectively reducing confidence after various spelling errors were induced by requiring more force. Though I suspect that this is simply a matter of getting used to the variation and can still be enjoyed regardless of your expected usage. The included wrist rest snapped into postition perfectly and adds a nice level of support for your wrists.

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