Element Gaming Beryllium Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-07-15

Element Gaming's Beryllium offers various key functions gamers will desire. The switches set in brushed aluminium looks sleek while the contrast of the coloured plastic underneath gives a distinctive aesthetic which is rather pleasing. Many will love the minimum hassle setup of this keyboard while be thankful for the various features such as the windows key lock, and full NKRO for anti-ghosting.

There are shortcuts that can be noticed, primarily in the keycaps. If you are quick typist (and I know there are many that are far faster than my own 60WPM), due to the noticeably higher than expected force requirement for the switches combined with the cheap feeling keycaps, I sensed that enough torque or an accidental power jab at a keycap in the wrong position could result in unwanted damage: either to the switch or the keycap. In regards to the brightness of the backlighting (can be changed between 0%, 25%, 75%, and 100%) it could be that the keycap is blocking some of the light from the LED.

Considering the price mark, it is right at the entry point for illuminated mechanical keyboards and there is some stiff competition especially if you are looking for software support and macros. Though there is charm with the Beryllium and overall the premise of this product is a reliable, illuminated mechanical keyboard that provides solid performance.

Element Gaming's Beryllium is a competitive illuminated mechanical keyboard with solid performance and a touch of charm.

+ Easy to setup
+ Solid performance
+ Attractive design
+ Price
+ Various lighting modes
+ Nice bundle of extra keycaps and wrist rest

+- Actuation force of switches

- Low quality keycaps
- Dim lighting
- No software
- No audio/USB passthrough

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