Element Gaming Xenon 700 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-15
Closer Look

The microphone has plenty of cable slack which is braided throughout adding to its robustness.

Screw tightening adjustable straps which are also clearly made of metal.

From the side we see that the earcup is covered with mesh, while we can see the braided cable tracking around from each earcup. The headband features thick padding for extra comfort.

The thick leather coated padding on the earcup adds a nice air of luxury. The earcups don't appear to be as large as other headsets we have seen but this is due to the thick padding taking up a little more space. The headband is embossed with the Element Gaming name and is detailed with the blue stitching. The general impression is intimidating, instilling slight apprehension due to mechanical nature of the aesthetic.

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