Element Gaming Xenon 700 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-04-15

Moving from the Neon series headsets by Element Gaming to the Xenon 700, there is a distinct improvement in quality throughout. Though the headset is a moderately heavy, the comfort is good (as long as you don't snag your hair in the metal frame anywhere), and does well to block external sounds, making the Xenon 700 perfect for gaming, music and watching movies. The microphone is another strong point, giving crystal clear voice communication without excessive background noise, making it perfect for multiplayer gaming and voice chat.

Though arguably it is unoriginal, the design of the Xenon 700 is intimidating but in the flesh it is sleeker and more refined than what you would expect. Combined with the pulsating LED glow it has a distinct character. Other than the previously mentioned oversights the Xenon 700 also shares a similar feature with its Neon siblings, the in-line remote has no clip to secure it anywhere, thus causing frequent tugs to the side of your head each time the remote falls from its last placed location. This however is little to detract from the whole experience and for the price of just 45, the Xenon 700 is a well rounded headset with great gamer appeal, worthy of our Gold.

The Xenon 700 is an interesting headset that provides gamers with many desired features at a great price.

+ Interesting aesthetics
+ Very Comfortable
+ Great gaming audio, good bass
+ LED Lighting (can be switched off)
+ Excellent microphone

- None

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