ElementPC Millennium Gladiator Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-12-15

Product On Review: Millennium Gladiator
Manufacturer & Sponsor: ElementPC
Street Price: £959 GBP

Building a custom PC is quite a wearisome task for many people. Some may not know how to construct a system and others may be uneasy about choosing suitable hardware. Whilst there is a huge market for the individual sale of computer components, system integrators have to cater for those who may not be up to the task of building their own machine. The facility of offering a pre-built system with warranty and technical support alleviates the concerns that many computer users have.

This is certainly a great idea because consumers can simply order a system based on their budget and purpose of use – not having to worry about the selection of components or building the actual system itself.

Today we turn to newcomers Element PC who are based out of the UK’s capitol city. Element PC was established last year but have already shown lots of potential by joining forces with a list of reputable brands and offering attractive after-sales services/support.

In the spotlight today is the Millennium Gladiator which is touted as a mid-range computer system based around Intel’s Haswell Refresh – Core i5-4690K and Intel Z97. Bolstering the 3D performance, this machine uses NVIDIA’s GTX 970 which, as we’ve seen in the past will undoubtedly offer great performance in any of today’s triple-a titles.

About Element PC
Element PC was founded in 2014 to revolutionise the Custom PC market for gamers across the UK. We aim to be the #1 choice for gamers looking for the perfect custom gaming PC at a affordable price without sacrificing premium components.

Unlike many of our competitors we are only committed to designing the best custom gaming PCs at different price ranges to meet every gamers budget. We refuse to use any unknown/untested components in any of our gaming PCs, unlike many competitors we are proud to show what manufacturers we deal with to ensure you have a stress free experience with your gaming PC.

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