ElementPC Millennium Gladiator Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-12-15

Gaining notoriety as a newcomer in the systems integrator market is no mean feat but Element PC has shown potential today with the Millennium Gladiator.

From a visual standpoint the Gladiator adopts a rather sleek and professional design. All of the internal components look great to the eye and the chosen case; Rosewill’s Rise Glow adds a touch of class too. A handful of reputable brands have been used for the component selection which will bode well with customers who value high-quality hardware. This hardware not only brings with it great looks and reliability but throughout our benchmark suite, Gladiator demonstrated how much of a capable mid-range machine it really is.

Those who are avid gamers will be pleased to know that Gladiator can handle the very latest gaming titles as shown on the previous page and by Element PC adding a conservative overclock to the Intel Core i7-4690K common tasks have been given greater processing prowess.

We’re really pleased to see a solid, trustworthy brand being used for the power supply because of all the components that make a computer system, this is an area that should certainly not be scrimped on. Choosing low-cost, no-frills power supplies can compromise a system and there is a temptation for new and existing companies to use such a device to maximise the markup but we feel using the EVGA SuperNOVA is certainly a wise decision and route to take.

Under the reviewed configuration customers can expect to pay £957.59 GBP for Gladiator, which represents good value for money when you consider the quality of the components included and the calibre of performance on offer. It’s also worth noting that Element PC give all customers a courtesy call 48 hours after delivery to confirm everything is as it should be, they also offer 2 years warranty with 1 year collect and return and lifetime technical support.

Although Element PC are new to the scene, they’ve shown some excellent potential in the Millennium Gladiator. This system is very well-presented, features high-quality components from reputable brands and offers great performance.

+ Well-packaged
+ Great performance
+ Fan controller to adjust noise/performance
+ Sleek, professional design
+ High-quality components throughout
+ Good value for money

- Handling marks inside/outside
- Previous-gen platform

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