Elgato Wave 1 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-06-20
Closer Look
First impressions of the device are very positive, the 555g overall weight gives it a real amount of heft, with 310g of that being just the base. Standing roughly 200mm tall it’ll be positioned well in front of your face, with a hinge mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle towards your mouth.

The condenser module beneath the multiple layers of noise shielding, designed to reduce plosive sounds, has been fine-tuned for speech with a cardioid solar pattern that picks up audio most strongly from directly in front.

The reverse of the device, rather oddly, doesn’t feature any kind of Elgato branding despite not being particularly useful for audio pickup. This is the side that will face the webcam when used for professional streaming.

At the bottom of the main body of the device is an adjustment dial, this can be pushed to mute the microphone or turned to adjust the headphone output volume for latency-free monitoring of your audio.

Spinning the device around once more, there’s a USB Type-C connection and 3.5mm audio jack. The USB connects the microphone to the PC while the audio output is for monitoring your own input.

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