Elgato Wave 1 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-06-20
Elgato, once again, have given their guns a good flexin’ and shown the industry what they can do if they put their minds to it, but there’s some improvements we’d like to see to achieve a perfect score.

Build quality is something that we just can’t touch. There’s not a single bad word we’ve got to say about any of it. The base, the hinge, the microphone housing , it’s all top-notch and well worthy of the Elgato name plate.

Moving onto performance, we tested the microphone for a number of gaming sessions and, without telling anyone on the other end, were met with many compliments on the clarity, real-to-life likeness and overall quality of the sound. We found the same when testing it and were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up and use.

Wave Link is a fancy software suite with some nifty features but it feels a little empty and lacking when it really boils down to it. Perhaps Elgato will bring much more to the roster in the near future but as it stands it really needs more. Perhaps some fancy voice modifications software or a soundboard to play crazy noises. The world’s their oyster. We'd also like to see a software option to change what the front dial does. This is set to adjust headphone output volume, but only if your headphones are plugged directly into the Wave 1. We found this to be completely pointless.

Pricing, however, is a different matter. We’ve been heavy on the praise so far but the price, at £130 for the “base model” seems a little steep. You have to consider the value of the software that comes alongside the microphone, and the future updates they plan, but that’s all a big unknown at the moment. Despite that, we’re sure it’ll sell in droves on brand name alone.

Excellent quality, easy to use, solid build quality, fancy software, it has it all. And a big brand name to go with it. Definitely worth consideration if you want to take your stream quality to the next level.

+ Super clear voice recording
+ Easy to set up and use
+ Looks elegant and classy
+ Bombproof build quality
+ Wave Link is simple and easy

- Wave Link could do with more features
- Pricey
- No dial function adjustment

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