EPOS GSP 601 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-01-21

Product on Review: GSP 601
Manufacturer: EPOS
Street Price: GBP £199 | USD $219 | AUS $319

Gamers and audio enthusiasts will identify a key likeness to Sennheiser’s product line and that of EPOS – Sennheiser rebranded last year.

The GSP lineup has been a go-to series for many gamers over the years, under the Sennheiser brand. The design, build quality and audio features have always impressed and we’re hoping that with today’s headset, these traits continue.

The GSP 601 is one of the latest headsets within the GSP portfolio which builds on the success of previous GSP models. In the past we’ve considered the wireless editions of GSP but this time round, we’re looking at a wired variant which is cross-platform ready and is a unit which promises exceptional performance and super-clean aesthetics.

Today we’ll be testing out the GSP 601 along with the GSX 300 Snow Edition amp. Is the GSP 601 worth considering?

EPOS on their GSP 601
The GSP 601 is the latest color variant in our portfolio of high-end audio products dedicated to gaming. The GSP 600 Series is designed for the gamer that accepts no compromise in the quality and performance of their gaming accessories. GSP 601 comes in clean, crisp white, with both white and contrasted bronze colored cover plates included.

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