EPOS GSP 601 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-01-21
Software & Performance

The GSP 601 headset itself doesn’t come with dedicated software, but the GSX 300 that we’re using in this review taps into the EPOS Gaming Suite.

Within this software we’re able to configure the amplifier – update its firmware and properly modify presets/profiles according to usage. There are many tabs which are available for full customisation for the audio experience.


To test out the performance of our GSP 601 we used the headset in a range of different scenarios including gaming, watching movies and listening to music.

As we expected from such a big player, the EPOS GSP 601 performs very well indeed. The bass has plenty of punch and treble is loaded with detail and good levels of in-sound separation. The treble is also well-balanced, without being too bright or dull.

Even though this headset is designed for gaming, we also feel its an excellent choice for movies too, especially when paired up with the GSX 300 and the movie preset is enabled.

In the gaming arena this headset possesses all of the attributes which gamers should be seeking – strong bass, high levels of clarity and detail and solid treble. We especially enjoyed using GSP 601 in FPS games and being able to have confidence with special awareness – picking up on nearby enemies.

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