EPOS GSP 601 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-01-21

Audio enthusiasts have put their confidence in Sennheiser for countless years and under the EPOS branding with the GSP 601, they once again, do not disappoint.

Looking purely at the visual appearance of this headset, we really like the design and styling choices. By default EPOS have given GSP 601 the bronze covers which compliment the white/black theme, but if that isn’t your thing, there are some white covers too to keep the overall theme cohesive. Sometimes a product can look great, but can also suffer from poor build quality but rest assured, the build quality is also superb – this headset even benefits from metal hinges to enhance durability.

For extended periods of time, headsets can become uncomfortable and cumbersome and while your ears still get warm and moist, we experienced no discomfort from using the GSP 601s for over 2 hours straight. The earcups are soft and comfortable and the overall weight strikes the right balance to avoid giving neck ache.

As mentioned on the previous page, this headset performs very well and this shifts up a notch when paired with the GSX 300. There is plenty of punch in the bass, treble is well-balanced and it’s an excellent headset activities outside of gaming too.

All of this quality does come at a cost and this particular headset should be regarded as a high-end offering. As such, the price-tag is GBP £199 | USD $219 | AUS $319 which is backed by a 2 year warranty. If you’re serious about gaming and want a headset which will stand the test of time, we believe it is worth every penny!

The GSP 601 is an excellent choice for gamers wanting a headset which is cross-platform ready and which boasts a great assortment of features, exceptional build quality and high-end performance.

+ Cross platform – PS, Xbox, PC, Mac
+ Attractive design
+ Changeable side covers
+ Mic boom arm
+ Metal hinges
+ Detachable cable
+ On-ear volume dial
+ Excellent overall performance
+ Comfortable for long-periods
+ 2 years warranty

- Quite large
- Expensive

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