Fierce PC Dragon Blood Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-03-17

Oddly enough the Dragon Blood system we’ve reviewed today arrives with green liquid (Mayhems Pastel Green) inside the tubing – red would have probably suited the overall ‘blood’ scheme better, but we can’t deny how eye-catching this configuration is.

Moving inside the chassis, Fierce PC has carefully selected hardware from reputable brands, which should serve up a good helping of confidence to the purchaser. In fact, some of the products installed we’ve actually reviewed ourselves on a standalone basis and so we can vouch for their reliability and high-standard.

Where things get interesting is when we look at the CPU. Fierce PC has used Intel’s latest Core i7-7700K and hasn’t just nudged up the frequency a few hundred Megahertz, they’ve boosted the clock speed to that marker which enthusiasts regard as the pinnacle of achievements – 5GHz. Achieving this with the Kaby Lake platform isn’t an easy task, these chips are tough to tame not least because of the voltage threshold but also due to sky-rocketing temperatures – the latter isn’t so much of an issue with a watercooled system as can be clearly seen in our video review.

Our experience with Dragon Blood was largely positive but there are however a few areas which could be improved. Firstly, we thought the tubing for the water cooling could have been tidier – some of the tubes are skewed and are arranged in a somewhat awkward configuration. The other minor quibble was the capacity of the main storage drive; at just 500GB this is simply not enough when you have 4-5 games which take up 40-50GB a piece, along with any music, movies or pictures you may also wish to store – 1TB is really the minimum for the secondary drive, anything less will soon fill up in very little time.

Dragon Blood arrives with a price-tag of £2299.95 – pricing up each of the components individually for a self-build will equal a similar cost. This is in line with previous systems we’ve reviewed from Fierce PC and represents good value, especially if you aren’t so keen on delving into the world of watercooling yourself.

Dragon Blood is a solid gaming system based around the new Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K and after an impressive 5GHz overclock has been applied, users are able to reap the rewards of even greater performance in a range of uses.

+ Looks impressive
+ Reputable brands used throughout
+ Good processing power
+ Significant overclock applied to 7700K
+ Great for 1080p/1440p
+ Can handle VR
+ 2 year parts warranty, 5 years labour warranty
+ Currently includes a free EA game

- Heavy
- Tubing could use better presentation
- 500GB isn’t large enough for main storage

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