FILCO Majestouch Ninja Tenkeyless Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅16-02-12

Product on Review: FILCO Majestouch Ninja Tenkeyless Tactile Action Mechanical Keyboard
Manufacturer: Diatech
Sponsor: The Keyboard Company
Street Price: £120 inc VAT

FILCO is a new brand to Vortez, and although many may not have heard the name before, in the world of mechanical keyboards FILCO has already made a name for itself in the UK. Produced in Japan by Diatech, FILCO keyboards are aimed at the high end of the market like many, if not all, of the mechanical keyboards we have seen to date at Vortez. FILCO takes a no-frills approach to making keyboards, and the range offer purely top quality build, design and components. You’re not likely to see finger cooling fans, rafts of macro keys or multi-coloured backlighting, but instead a classic keyboard design aimed at professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Mechanical keyboards have recently seen a surge in popularity in the enthusiast market, and many manufacturers have put their best offerings forward for us to test. Mechanical keyboards boast the advantage of a better feel, increased precision, faster response, n-key rollover and unprecedented durability. In this review we will ascertain whether the latest FILCO offering is worthy of your consideration.

FILCO's take on Majestouch Ninja
Majestouch NINJA is a whole new concept keyboard. New style of letter printing - front printing.The biggest feature of this front printing is this new look that gives a look of "almost" a blank keycap keyboard. This means, printed letters can be seen only from a user and it is seen as a blank keycaps keyboard from others.This untraditional printing method does not expose you for fading letters on keycaps as there are no letters on top face where you actually touch to cause a friction when you type in. You will never feel stress from fading letters that would make your keyboard crummy. On the other hand, as the feature of this keyboard, front printing, is hard to look at the letters. This NINJA is perfect for the users who are confident in touch typing and also for users who feel total blank keycaps keyboard is a bit of a challenge. To make it match to our concept, we omitted the indicators of "Lock, Num, Caps, Scroll" on LED. Also logo is different from normal lineups to go with the concept and in this way, this keyboard looks "almost" completely black!

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