Fnatic FLICK2 And Fnatic Retro Asphalt Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅13-07-18
Packaging & First Look (FLICK2)

The FLICK2 comes in a black and white box that is very strong and has a style that is very understated and quite minimal. There is an image of the FLICK2 mouse with the Fnatic branding in the bottom left corner.

Flip the box to the back, and there is a brief paragraph on the Fnatic story and also some information about the FLICK2 mouse.

In the box with the FLICK2 there is a separate box with additional items inside, these include a set of stickers and a quick start guide.

The FLICK2 is a very sleek mouse with a low-slung profile that is quite conservative in appearance. By that we mean there are no eccentric flourishes and instead, the FLICK2 is very polished and tasteful.

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