Fnatic FLICK2 And Fnatic Retro Asphalt Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅13-07-18
Closer Look (FLICK2)

The left side of the FLICK2 features the Fnatic logo - which is an illumination zone and also the thumb buttons. The thumb buttons are optimally positioned and decent in size. Just below the thumb buttons is the rubberised grip and above them are a series of LEDs that act as a DPI indicator.

On the back of the mouse, there is simply the Fnatic logo and that is all.

The right side is curved inwards, and quite plain with just has the rubberised grip and the model name. The profile has a gentle curve without a prominent hump at the rear.

The top of the mouse is reserved for the scroll wheel and single DPI button. The top surface is coated in a smooth rubberised finish that is matte. The surface does attract palm grease quite easily which is something to be mindful of. However, cleaning it is relatively easy with a soft microfibre cloth, so its worth having one if you plan on keeping the FLICK2 looking pristine.

The front section of the mouse grants a closer look at the left and right click buttons; these are flat and don’t feature a concaved design that some other mice do. The front also has the non-removable rubberised cable.

The underside of the mouse has two large Teflon coated feet which are surrounded by an orange finish. There is the sensor located in the centre with some Fnatic branding on either side.

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