Fnatic FLICK2 And Fnatic Retro Asphalt Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅13-07-18

When a product is marketed as professional-grade, it really has to deliver on that, and itís safe to say that the Fnatic FLICK2 does. It ticks pretty much every box on the requirements list when looking to buy a high-performance mouse. The sensor and switch combo is excellent and provides a top-notch experience thanks to the speed, precision and accuracy of both. The design is minimal and only features some subtle branding and an orange accent around the bottom. The mouse is constructed very well and is made from materials fitting of its price tag. Fnaticís OP software is very well designed, easy to use but is missing a few features; itís worth noting that it is in early development and these features could be added at a later date.

One minor gripe we had with the FLICK2 was with the coating on the shell, it feels great but it does mark quite easily and also shows sweat and grease quite prominently. But on the plus side, with a soft microfibre cloth, it does clean with minimal effort. So the only issue here is having to clean it on a regular basis to ensure it stays looking good. There is one other noteworthy thing that is by no means a deal breaker, and that is the symmetrical shape leading to a brief adjustment period. Coming from a more rounded mouse, it did take some time to get used to the slightly slimmer profile. But once youíve gotten used to the shape, it is comfortable.

So, if youíre in the market for a high-performance mouse that is great for eSports or other competitive games, then the Fnatic FLICK2 should be on your shortlist.

The Retro Asphalt is undoubtedly a great mousepad as itís smooth, offers good precision and has a very grippy base. There are plenty of different variants to choose from, and the print quality on the pad is fantastic. If youíre a big fan of Fnatic, then this series of mousepads would be a nice way to show your pride while getting a great performance. However, we feel that those simply looking for just a great mousepad should perhaps opt for Fnaticís basic FOCUS 2 series. This series does miss out on the unique designs but is slightly cheaper to purchase and offers the same performance as the Retro Asphalt.

The Fnatic FLICK2 may look unassuming but donít let that fool you as itís core it is a true performer that delivers a superb gaming experience.

The Retro Asphalt is a great surface to game on, and the wide variety of options means youíre spoilt for choices when it comes to unique designs.


+ Clean aesthetic
+ Excellent gaming performance
+ Solid feature set
+ Sturdy build quality
+ Minimal approach to RGB
+ Well designed software

+- Surface marks quite easily
+- Software missing a few features

- None to note

Retro Asphalt

+ Smooth and precise surface
+ Great underside grip
+ Plenty of styles to choose from

+- A bit pricey

- Curved edge due to packaging

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