Fnatic FLICK2 And Fnatic Retro Asphalt Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅13-07-18

Product on Review: Fnatic FLICK2 & Fnatic Retro Asphalt
Manufacturer: Fnatic Gear
Street Price: FLICK2 €59.99 / $59.99
Retro Asphalt €19.99 / $16.99

If you’re somehow out of the loop and aren’t aware, Fnatic is an organisation within the eSports gaming industry and are right up there with the other top-flight teams. Founded in 2004 they’ve grown into one of the biggest names in the gaming space and more recently they have started to use their knowledge and expertise to make peripherals and accessories for gamers. Today we’ll be testing that experience by putting their FLICK2 gaming mouse and Retro Asphalt mousepad through their paces.

The FLICK2 is a light-weight gaming mouse that has a very low slung profile and symmetrical design; this is then combined with the Pixart 3360 optical sensor and Omron switches. The 3360 sensor from Pixart is highly praised and often regarded as the best sensor in its class, this is great as not only is the sensor known for its precision but it also brings features like an adjustable lift-off distance and a max CPI of 12,000 to the table. That isn’t all as Fnatic have splashed out on an oleophobic coating for the rubberised side grips which is not that widely seen on a mouse at this price. It also boasts things like a 1000Hz polling rate, high-speed motion detection and remappable buttons.

The Asphalt mousepad is based upon their FOCUS series of pads but favours a bold aesthetic over a traditional design. The Asphalt utilises a pro-grade cloth surface with a non-slip rubberised base for extra grip while gaming. It also makes use of Fnatic’s FOCUS TEXTURE which is unique to Fnatic and is supposed to create a more tactile feel for greater precision.

The Fnatic FLICK2 has a really strong stack of features, and the Asphalt sounds very promising, but do they deliver where it really matters?

Fnatic on the FLICK2 and Asphalt Mousepad:
FLICK 2 is a light-weight professional-grade esports mouse, ready for every gamer. The key difference lies in grip type, and shape, favouring gamers who like a more symmetrical feel. It’s a shape that also combines the best in class sensor, build quality, grip, and software, to make a platform that’s designed to deliver you the precession and control you need to hit every skill shot.

The FOCUS pads are optimized to support rapid movement game play while still being able to deliver laser-like precision. If we can win on it, so can you.

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