Fnatic STREAK Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅11-08-18

Fnatic’s STREAK is a brilliant keyboard that is not without its own flaws. The styling is on the minimal side, and it doesn’t go overboard with gamery flourishes, what it does do is add little touches that let you know that it is gamers keyboard rather than shouting about it. The STREAK is also very well put together and makes use of top-notch quality materials in its construction. The main body is a combination of Anodised Aluminium and polycarbonate which make the keyboard feel reassuringly strong. It’s very comfortable to use to for both gaming and getting some work done, this is partly thanks to the keys, and the adjustable wrist rest which provides levels of customisations that you don’t often see on keyboards of this calibre. Its appeal is then further bolstered by the inclusion of the competition mode and FN lock feature, both of which work extremely well and allow the keyboard to behave differently with minimal effort. The standout feature again though - like with the miniSTREAK is the switches which are not only superb for gaming but also for typing on. Their quick pace and fluidity are highly impressive, and they’re also eerily quiet for mechanical switches. This can be seen as a plus or minus point depending on your preference, but if you love the feel of mechanical switches and aren’t a fan of the noise, these are ideal.

The STREAK does have a few weaknesses in its armour though. The first imperfection is the metal volume scroll wheel - we really like that it's there as it adds to the feature set, but the one on our unit is not without fault. Its action isn’t the smoothest, and it is also noisy; whether this is purely isolated we can’t be 100% sure, but after a browse on Google, we couldn’t find any others reporting the same issue. The RGB implementation is also a touch of a letdown, the colours are great, and they’re nicely vibrant, but the whites have a slight magenta hue to them plus the light fill on some keys is not the fullest we’ve ever seen.This problem was also present on the miniSTREAK and is likely due to the placement of the RGB LED on the switch. Another thing that hasn’t been addressed is the software, it is still in early access phase and is in need of an update as the competition is pulling further ahead in terms of features. Now, on the one hand, this is understandable as Fnatic may not have the same resource pool for software development as a company like ASUS or Corsair, but something is going to have to change if this wish to compete, as they have the hardware, just not the software to back it up. By that we don't mean that the software is bad - it's actually good, it's just that there are a few missing features that are really common elsewhere.

As a whole, the STREAK is a superb keyboard for gamers and streamers alike, and if you’re not overly fussed about software features then this would make a fantastic keyboard for getting some serious gaming done. Of course, it isn’t without fault, but then again it’s very hard to find a product that is ideally perfect as ‘perfect’ varies between what we deem of the word as we are all unique.

Fnatic has crafted a superb gaming keyboard that would be an ideal companion for game streamers, and gamers alike, especially if they opt for the Cherry MX Red or MX Red Silents.

+ Superb gaming performance
+ USB pass-through
+ Dedicated volume control
+ Great build quality
+ Adjustable and removable wrist rest
+ Competition mode and FN lock feature
+ 8MB on-board memory

+- Rough feeling volume wheel
+- The RGB implementation is a bit hit or miss
+- Software still has no sync feature

- Top right controls located too close to numpad

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