Foxconn Quantum Force Rattler P67 Motherboard Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-04-11

Product on Review: Quantum Force Rattler P67
Manufacturer: Foxconn
Street Price: £149.99 inc. VAT (At time of review)

The Quantum Force Series has lent itself to plenty of discussion over the years with an exciting range of motherboards within this division. Way back in the Summer of 2007 they launched their first Quantum Force motherboard - Mars. Its clear that whilst Foxconn may not be the biggest they are seeking to be the best. Over the years we have seen boards such as the Flaming Blade and Bloodrage attract lots of attention for their striking looks and feature-rich layouts.

Rumours surrounding the Quantum Force Series having a new P67 addition have been circulating around the internet for many months now and today, we finally get our hands on a motherboard named Rattler which incorporates that Intel P67 chipset.

On the surface, it packs in plenty of features - SATA 6G, USB3.0, CrossfireX, onboard power/reset and overclock buttons and up to 16GB of 2100MHz (OC) but will it be enough to project Foxconn into the high-end motherboard market that is extremely competitive?

Foxconn's take on Rattler:
Foxconn Quantum Force aims to deliver high performance computing, connectivity and digital entertainment. With more options for accessing and managing other devices, enhanced reliability features and new PC multimedia technologies. Rattler is the ideal choice for extreme performance or quantum force. This motherboard is based on the Intel® P67 chipset - providing ultimate performance for today's desktop computers. The Rattler supports the latest industry technologies - Intel® sandybridge series processors and DDR3 2133MHz(via overclocking) memory. 100% SOLID Capacitor design, Ferrite Choke power delivery and Cool Pipe design help to maximize performance and increase reliability. And at the same time, provided the digital audio outputs via S/PDIF OUT. guarantees the highest quality fidelity for games and movies

Technical Specifications

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