Fractal Design Celsius+ S28 Prisma Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅19-07-20
Pushing the backplate through from the reverse side of the motherboard is the first step, then screwing in four standoffs to secure it into place.
We then clean off the factory-applied thermal paste and apply Noctuas NT-H1 paste to equalise the playing field within our testing.

Next up is installing the radiator into the top of the case. At this point weve already installed the fans so the cables point towards the rear, for neatness. Due to the 30mm thick radiator, installation was incredibly tight but it just about fit into our CORSAIR 680X chassis. The additional thickness on the radiator should aid cooling capacity so its a trade off that were happy with, up to a point.

Time to install the pump enclosure. Thanks to the radiator-mounted fan and RGB controller, the cabling is very simple; theres a single PWM and RGB connection to connect to your motherboard. You then adjust the housing to either PWM (where your motherboard will control the fan/pump speed) or AUTO (where the AIO controls everything).

Considering the 30mm radiator, we had a slightly more difficult time to get this installed than we usually do, but its in and just about fits. Hopefully the thicker radiator translates to better thermal performance.

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