Fractal Design Core 3000 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-10-11

Product on Review: Core 3000
Manufacturer: Fractal Design
Street Price: £50 inc. VAT

Elegance is a characteristic that can be confidently attached to the brand Fractal Design. Their portfolio of products so far have captured crowds of enthusiasts all over the globe. Rather than diving into the gamer market with its gaudy designs and flashing LED fans, Fractal Design have chosen the other path – discreet, sleek and minimalist approach to case design. Their Define and Arc series have so far impressed and we are graced with yet another new release today from what Fractal Design are calling the Core Series.

Within the Core Series are currently two classifications – the Core 1000 and Core 3000. The Core 1000 giving support for the smaller mATX and ITX format whilst the Core 3000 being designed for mATX and standard ATX. Today we will be taking a look at the Core 3000. Our first and previous encounter with Fractal Design left us very impressed – can they do it again with the Core 3000? Let’s find out!

Fractal Design's take on Core 3000
The Core 3000 has plenty of cooling options, up to 7 fans of various sizes can be installed. The front panel is easily removable and pre-fitted with fan filters to ensure a dust free interior. The sleek black interior is matched and contrasted with white expansion slots and HDD trays. Similar to the Define Series, all the HDD trays are fitted with anti-vibration silicon grommets. The upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable, which enables support for even the longest graphic cards.

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