Fractal Design Define R3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-01-12

We may have been a little late to the party with this review but it was still worthwhile to observe why so many have heralded it as a successful computer chassis. For some time now I have been keen to take a look at this case and its plain to see why so many love its features and aesthetics.

Sporting a sleek exterior the R3 appeals to those who lean towards minimalist styling over the gaudy in your face gamer aesthetics. Inside, enthusiasts will find an internal layout that features noise dampening material on all major panels great for those whose objective is to maintain silence.

As is to be expected, the rest of the interior comes with cable management grommets and tool-less design mechanisms, helping keep the layout tidy and easy to drop devices in and out. Though we only have 2x pre-installed fans there is still some reasonable thermal performance to be had with the R3. Thanks to the optional slots for cooling fans the thermal performance can be improved with a total of 7 slots in different regions.

There are many positive elements to R3 but there are also a few niggles such as the rubber grommets which often slip out the case easily. Those who have bigger graphics cards such as the HD6990 will struggle to get their graphics card inside R3 but this case does cater for a vast majority of the market.

Priced at 75 inc. VAT the R3 is a good value for money option for those who are on a quest for silent computing and as a result of our examination on this case it comes highly recommended.

+ Smooth, professional design
+ Noise dampening on all major panels
+ Easy to create clean layout
+ 8x HDD storage slots for 2.5/3.5 drives

- Rubber grommets detach easily
- Longer graphics cards 12 will struggle to fit

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