Fractal Design Define S Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-04-15

Fractal Design’s passion for elegance has always been present throughout their product lines but never has it been more apparent than in the Define Series and the new Define S epitomises this.

Arriving with a stylish exterior and a generous helping of elegance, Define S will appeal to enthusiasts who crave minimalism for their builds and although the external design oozes simplicity the interior is a stark contrast. Inside we have countless features which are innovative and extremely useful. The ModuVents at the top allow for easy access to the top section, there are no optical drive bays – paving the way for extended water cooling compatibility and all of the storage allocation has been moved to the reverse side for even greater flexibility. In return, this means that airflow is without any hindrance and extra-long graphics cards have no compatibility issues either.

Essential aspects of the system have plenty of clearance. Define S can house some of the biggest air coolers the market currently has and the cable management is stress-free thanks to supplied hooks, ties and space.

Those system builders with a leaning towards water cooling will find Define S an excellent choice because it can house components right away, without any modifications – unlike other cases. Pumps, reservoirs and monolithic radiators all find their resting place.

Define S arrives on the market with an MSRP of £69.99 GBP / $89.99 USD for the window version and we think this is a cracking buy for the price. This case is laden with all the features enthusiasts want and the build quality is excellent.

The Define S is another triumph for Fractal Design. This stylish chassis supplies every possible need for water cooling advocates and does so while delivering some interesting and innovative features – stepping away from mundane case design.


+ Stylish and elegant
+ Innovative features throughout
+ Low-noise operation
+ Excellent cable management
+ Flexible hardware compatibility
+ Good cooling performance

- Gotta be kidding!

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